Fraud protection

Keeping our customers safe

At EE, we're keen to help protect our customers from fraud.

If you're worried about online scams or phone crime, there are a number of useful websites which have been put together by UK operators and law enforcement agencies:

Hints and tips

Here are some other ways of staying safe:

  • Always set up a voicemail PIN that only you know.
  • Always set up a security lock on your phone that only you know.
  • If you're unsure whether the person who has called you is genuinely from EE, call us back using 150 on your EE phone*.
  • Never give out personal details to a caller you aren’t expecting, especially your password or bank details.
  • Never reply to an SMS with personal details. If you are unsure the SMS is from EE or have already replied to it with details call us as soon as possible on 150 from your EE phone.
  • Always shield your phone PIN when unlocking your phone.
  • Never ignore a mobile phone bill to your house that has a different name – this is most likely to be fraud, not a mistake.
  • Never accept a phone delivery you're not expecting - and never hand over your old phone to someone claiming to be a courier, taxi driver etc. Always call EE and we will arrange its return free of charge.
  • Never buy unlock codes from anyone other than EE as these codes will have been obtained illegally.

For further useful advice, try these EE Help pages:

* Charges may apply - see our Get in touch page.

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