EE TV Box has stopped working or keeps freezing

Check the status of EE TV

Need to know

This is only for TV boxes with an EE logo on them. If you've got a BT logo, you can test your broadband to see if that's the problem at

If there aren’t any problems with EE TV, you’ll have the option to test your home broadband connection.

Check EE TV status

EE TV Box Pro or Mini is slow or keeps freezing

Try the following to fix your EE TV box if it’s slow or keeps freezing

  1. Restart your TV box. Switch off at the mains and wait 10 seconds before switching back on.
  2. Make sure the TV box software is up to date. To check:

    1. Press the ‘Home’ button, then go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Information & Reset’.
    2. Select ‘Software Information’.
    3. Select ‘Update Software’.
  3. Check your broadband settings and cables to ensure everything is connected securely.
  4. The last thing to try is a full reset of your EE TV box.

    Be aware that any recordings on your TV Box Pro will be deleted. Other settings will be deleted on both the Pro and Mini boxes.

Remote control

If your TV box is slow to respond to a button press on your remote, it might be a problem with the remote control.

Fix remote control problems

On Demand and Catch Up TV freezing

  1. Check On Demand error codes if you've got one
  2. Check for network problems in your area and test your home connection
  3. Ensure your cables are all connected correctly
  4. Check for TV box software updates (instructions at the start of this guide)

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