Inclusive extras & Mobile add-ons

Get awesome extras as part of your plan with Inclusive Extras and add more of the things you need with our Mobile add-ons.

What is the difference between Inclusive Extras and Mobile add-ons?

Inclusive Extras

Inclusive Extras let you add amazing benefits like Apple Music, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and Roam Abroad Pass to your All Rounder or Full Works plan—and the best bit is you can swap them each month.

If your current plan doesn’t include Inclusive Extras, take a look at our upgrade deals to see what your options are for taking an All Rounder or Full Works plan.

Mobile Add-ons

Add-ons let you get stuff like more data, entertainment and roaming, as and when you need them, regardless of your mobile plan. You can buy, add and remove add-ons quickly and easily using the EE app. If you’re new to EE, take a look at our great range of add-ons when you choose your plan.

Discover what you can get with Inclusive Extras and Mobile add-ons

Get amazing benefits with Inclusive Extras as part of your plan

If you’re on an All Rounder or Full Works plan, you can choose from a range of amazing extras. Choose from Apple One*, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Netflix Basic, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, TNT Sports on discovery+, Roam Abroad Pass, Microsoft 365 Personal, Entertainment Data Pass. It all means that you can enjoy Extras worth up to £25 a month without compromising on the stuff you love the most. On All Rounder plans you can choose one Inclusive Extra and on Full Works you get three.

Make life even more awesome with Mobile add-ons

It’s always reassuring to know you can add on a little more of what you need. And we’ve got a whole a bunch of add-ons to choose from. You can get UK data passes for unlimited data that lasts 24 hours or 7 days, and if you’re travelling abroad we’ve got you covered with our Roam Abroad Pass. Plus, you can get a Music Data Pass for £4.99 our Video Data pass for £9.99 to enjoy your favorite tunes or videos without denting your data, and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for £10 a month.

Everything you need in one place

The EE app is your one tap gateway to all the tech in your life. Manage your plans and add-ons or swap out your Inclusive Extras. All from one place.