Free data every single month on pay as you go

How to qualify for the offer

Our phones and tablets come with a gift of 100MB free data every single month. The offer applies to all new pay as you go phones (including SIM Only) and tablet customers who join EE from 15 October 2014.  
The offer ends for phones and SIMs on 28 December 2014 and tablet on 31 January  2015. Just top up at least £5 on your phone by 4 January 2015 or register the tablet and activate the free data online by 6 February 2015.
The EE offer is available across EE stores, online at or over the phone – and through our pay as you go indirect partners. T-Mobile and Orange voice customers qualify too, if they switch to EE during the period of the offer.

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Topping up your phone to qualify

Top-ups made as part of a pay as you go purchase within the promotional period qualify for the offer.  That means if you’ve bought a SIM or phone with a minimum top-up, you don’t need to do anything to activate the offer.
If you’ve ordered a free SIM, you’ll need to top up by at least £5 by 4 January 2015.
If you’ve bought a top-up but not activated it onto your phone yet, you’ll still qualify for the offer as long as you register the top-up to your phone by 4 January 2015.

Registering your tablet and activating the free data to qualify

No top-up required - just three easy steps:

  1.  Insert SIM – follow the set-up instructions to find out how
  2. Click on your internet browser icon
  3. Register your details and click activate by 6 February 2015 – and you’re now ready to go online. And the free data then keeps on coming.

Using data on your phone or tablet

Your free data will last 30 days and the free data keeps on coming every 30 days while your SIM remains active. You can use our data worry-free, knowing you can never accidentally go over what data you have for free or you choose to buy.

Want more data? For your phone, buy a pack with data from as little as £1. For your tablet, get more data for as little as £3.

You can check how much data you've got left on the My EE app and in My Account. You’ll be redirected to a data purchase page once your data runs out, to allow you to buy more. You’ll also receive an SMS telling you that all your data has run out and how to buy more.

Phones:  If you have any other data, such as a Data, Talk & Text or an Everything Pack; or a data add-on which includes data, you won’t get your free data straight away, but after you have used your pack or add-on data.

Tablets:  If you have any other data, such as a data add-on, data will be consumed in order of expiry.

You’ll be surprised how much you can do with 100MB.

It’s roughly enough for any of the following:

  • 2,000 WhatsApp messages (smartphones only)
  • four hours browsing the web OR 200 social updates
  • 20 downloaded tracks or
  • two or three game or app downloads

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