How is Fibre to the Premises installed?

Getting Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) or Full Fibre installed can provide you with ultrafast speeds on EE. Here’s what you need to know about your installation.

Before installation day

You’ll choose your installation day when ordering Full Fibre. The router, and the TV box if you’re getting one, will be delivered before your installation.

  • Make sure you have your new hub
  • Think about where you want your external box placed. If you’re not sure, the engineer will be able to advise you on the day
  • Clear space on both sides of the wall where the engineer will be working

You might notice engineers working near your home before the engineer visit. They will be getting the network ready to connect you and there is nothing you need to do.

On installation day

You’ll get a call from the engineer telling you when to expect them. Be sure to let them know of any access restrictions on this call.

Someone will need to let the engineer know where to install your connection. The engineer will then get to work. Installation can take up to three hours and the engineer will need to work both inside and outside your home.

How is Full Fibre installed?

  1. You’ll agree on how to get the connection into the home with the engineer
  2. The engineer will drill a hole from the outside of the property for the Full Fibre cable
  3. The engineer will install a junction box on the outside wall and run a Full Fibre cable from either a nearby telephone pole or underground cables
  4. Once the cable is fed through the wall, the engineer will install an Openreach modem on the inside. This is where your router will connect

Please note: If the engineer needs to run your cable from a telephone pole, they may need to drill two additional holes in your wall to secure a ladder and work safely.

Getting connected

When the connection is installed, you’ll plug your router to the Openreach modem. The engineer will finish up by testing your connection using one of your preferred devices.

You’ll be able to manage your broadband through one of our apps.

If you have our EE Smart Hub, Bright Box hubs and the Smart Router use the EE Home app.

If you have a Smart Hub (2023) use the EE app.

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