How can I get help by texting 150 on pay as you go?

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Our text service is an easy way to manage your account and stay in control when you can't get online.


Just send your keyword to 150 free from your EE phone.


Here's a list of the keywords you can text if you're on EE pay as you go.

Balances and top ups

Balances and top ups

Service Send to 150
Check credit balance and allowances Balance
Top up with a voucher VO, then space, then the 16-digit
voucher number eg VO 1234567891234567
Top up with a registered credit or debit card CR, then space, then the last four digits of your card, then a space then the amount you want to pay (between £5 and £95) eg to top up £10 with card ending in 1234, send CR 1234 10
Link a new top up card

ETU, then space, then the
13-digit top-up card number eg ETU 0123456789012

Packs and add-ons

Packs and add-ons



Send to 150

Info on all packs

All packs

Info on Talk and Text packs

Talk & Text

Info on data packs


Info on Everything packs Everything

Info on BlackBerry packs


To stop your current pack Stop Pack
If you have bought another pack and would like to start it early Now
To see how long till your next Free Boost

Data packs

Cost £1 £10 £15
Data 100MB 2GB 5GB
Minutes 10 100 500
Text 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Lasts 7 days 30 days 30 days
Text to 150 DP1 DP10 DP15

Please note: The £10 1GB Data Pack and £15 4GB Data Pack are only available to customers who have ordered the promotional SIM online - existing customers cannot switch to this pack.

Talk & Text packs

Cost £1 £10
Minutes 25 250
Text 50 Unlimited
Data 10MB 10MB
Lasts 7 days 30 days
Text to 150 TTP1 TTP10

Everything packs

Cost £5 £10 £15 £20 £25 £30
Data 150MB 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB
Minutes 100 250 1000 1500 2000 3000
Text 250   Un'ltd   Un'ltd 
Lasts 30 days
30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Text to 150 EP5 EP10 EP15 EP20 EP25 EP3


 Service  Send to 150
 Info on text add-ons    Add texts
 Info on minutes add-ons  Add mins
 Info on data add-ons
 Add data

International packs

   £10    £15
 International Minutes  150  250
 Text  150  500
 Data  500MB  3GB
 EE to EE minutes & texts  Unlimited  Unlimited
 30 days  30 days
 Text to 150  INL10  INL15

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Last updated: 20/6/2018
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