How do I set up a Direct Debit?

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For a personal account

For a personal account

You can set up or change a Direct Debit when you log in to My EE or you can call us. You'll need:


    your name exactly as it appears on your bank statement


    your bank or building society sort code and account number

Remember, you'll need to pay off any outstanding balance on your account before you can set up or change your Direct Debit.

How will I know that a Direct Debit has been set up?

Has my Direct Debit been set up?

You'll see an on-screen confirmation once your Direct Debit has been set up. We’ll also send you a letter in the post that will confirm your details including the Direct Debit guarantee.

If more than one signature is required, or you want to pay with another bank account

Two signatures required/paying with another bank account

If more than one signature is required on a bank account, we won’t be able to set up a Direct Debit over the phone. Instead, you'll need to complete and return a copy of the Direct Debit mandate.

We'll then send a letter to both the EE account holder and the bank account holder confirming the Direct Debit is set up – so you'll need to include the relevant postal addresses.

If you want to pay with another bank account, we can set it up over the phone, but both parties will need to be on the call.

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