Port forwarding: access an external network or server from home

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You may need to set up an extra port on your EE Smart Hub if, for example, you need access to a VPN to connect to your work email or server when you're at home.

When you need to set up port forwarding

When you need to set up port forwarding

You set up port forwarding on your EE Smart Hub so certain types of data are sent to specific computers, devices or server connected to your EE Smart Hub.

This isn't usually needed, but port forwarding may fix problems accessing:

  • a web servers
  • a VPN
  • some old online games
  • devices like CCTV cameras

Follow these instructions to access and configure the port forwarding settings on your EE Smart Hub.

Before you start, ask your IT department, device manufacturer or software provider:
  1. what ports you need to open

  2. what protocols you need to enter 

How to set up port forwarding

How to set up port forwarding

1. Open EE Smart Hub manager

Open a new browser on a device connected to your EE Smart Hub.

Enter in the address bar.


2. Select 'Advanced settings' and then 'Firewall' 


3. Enter the admin password

Unless you have changed it, you'll find the default password on the settings card on the back of your Hub.

If you have changed it and now forgotten it, click Help and you can set up a new password.


4. Select 'Create a new port forwarding rule'

You'll need to name the rule. You Can choose any name you want, for example for example, 'My webserver'.


5. Select 'select device' and choose the device you want to apply port forwarding rules to

Click 'Set' to confirm.


6. Enter the external and internal port number range

The default external and internal port that is used for HTTP webserver is port 80, this may vary depending on how you’re set up.

You will need to check the documentation provided from the hardware manufacturer, software/service provider or contact your IT support to identify the port range.


7. Select a protocol 

You'll need to choose the right protocol for your situation.

Check with the hardware manufacturer, software/service provider or your IT support as protocols may vary.

Click 'Set' to confirm your choice. 


8. If you need to open multiple ports within your new rule, click the + (plus) sign and repeat the process


9. Click 'Save' to complete setting up the rules

You can edit names and devices anytime you want. Remember you need to save any changes you make. 


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