How to swap or get a new SIM?

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From time to time, you might need to get a new SIM. Ordering one is really easy.

When might I need a new SIM?

When might I need a new SIM?

There are only three occasions where you’ll need a new SIM:

  • 1

    If your current SIM has been damaged

    You won’t be able to order a new SIM online – see below for more details.

  • 2

    If your SIM (or device) has been lost or stolen.

  • 3

    If you’ve got a new phone or tablet and your SIM no longer fits.

If you’re already an EE customer and you’re upgrading, we won’t send you a new SIM. We’ll automatically update your old one instead.

How do I get a new SIM?

How do I get a new SIM?

If your SIM's broken:

If your SIM’s lost or stolen or you’ve got a new device,  you can order a replacement SIM.

What information do I need to order a new SIM?

What do I need to order a new SIM?

We only need a couple of things:


    the mobile number for the SIM


    a few personal details

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Last updated: 17/4/2018
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