How do I swap my SIM or get a new SIM?

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From time to time, you might need to get a new SIM and ordering one is really easy.

When might I need a new SIM?

When might I need a new SIM?

Order a new SIM if your current SIM is:

  • damaged
  • deleted from your phone (for eSIMS)
  • lost or stolen
  • no longer compatible with your new device/phone

If you’re already an EE customer and you’re upgrading, we won’t need to send you a new SIM. We’ll just automatically update your old one instead.

Get a new SIM

Get a new SIM

Your SIM was lost, stolen, damaged, or deleted from your phone

Contact us if you need a new SIM because your SIM was lost, stolen, damaged or deleted from your phone. You can get in touch by either:

You need a different SIM for a new device

Order a new SIM online. You'll need to sign in to My EE. 

If you're requesting a new SIM at an EE store:

You'll need to provide valid photo ID. Our EE stores will accept a passport (from any country) or a UK photocard driving licence.

Please note: if a driving license is being used as a form of proof, the address on the customer’s driving licence MUST match that of their EE account address for it to be accepted. 


    order a replacement SIM

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