How do I cancel a contract after 14 days?

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How do I contact EE to cancel my contract?

How do I contact EE to cancel my contract?

To cancel your contract:

Call 150 from your EE phone or 07953 966 250 from any phone.

We need at least 30 days’ notice to cancel your contract. You’ll be charged when your minimum contract term is up or at the end of the 30 days – whichever is later.

If you haven’t reached the end of your minimum contract term, you might be charged an Early Termination Charge on top of a Notice Period Charge. Our customer service team will be able to tell you more about the charges when you call.

The total amount charged will be for 30 days from the date of your cancellation request and it will show up on your bill as the Remaining Contract Charge.

> Find out more about Early Termination Charges

How do I return a product to EE?

How do I return a product to EE?

Once you’ve contacted us to confirm your return, we’ll send you a pre-addressed silver bag, which is tracked and insured to offer protection against loss and damage.

Follow these instructions to ensure your return is processed as quickly as possible:


    send your equipment back to us within 30 days


    new, unused items must be sealed when they’re returned


    make sure any theft or loss protection apps on your device are disabled (e.g. Find My Phone on iPhones or iPads)


    ensure all items, including accessories and free promotional items, are returned undamaged. You may be charged for damaged items

Good to know:

There may be an additional charge to your bill if Find My iPhone is not removed from your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

> Find out how to deactivate Find My Phone

If you change your mind after requesting a return, you don’t need to contact us.  If we don’t receive the equipment within 30 days of the return request then we’ll assume you’ll be keeping the goods and your contract will continue to run as normal.

What is the postage cost to return an item?

What is the postage cost to return an item?

You're responsible for the postage cost of returning equipment. However, please keep proof of posting and we’ll refund up to the price of a standard delivery charge.

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