EE vulnerability policy statement

Customer vulnerability at EE

We treat all our customers fairly and with respect, including those in vulnerable situations.

We understand that someone can be vulnerable for all kinds of reasons, whether it's on a long-term or temporary basis.

It may be because of age, a physical or learning disability, or difficulty in communicating. Or it could be as a result of a life event such as a bereavement or divorce. Financial hardship and low confidence in managing money can also be factors.

If you're in a vulnerable situation and need extra help, we’ll do our best to offer you products and services that suit your needs.

Our EE Guides are trained to provide tailored support. We'll always try to identify specific needs, but we won't always recognise if you're experiencing difficulties, so please let us know how we can help.

Offering extra support to those who need it is very important to us, and so we're always reviewing and evaluating how well we do this.

To tell us about your needs and circumstances, please get in touch. You can call us or use another contact method such as text relay or sign language video relay.

Once you've shared your needs, we'll register them on your account so our EE Guides will be aware of them whenever you contact us. You can also, if you choose, give your permission for someone else to contact us on your behalf.

We'll handle all the information you give us in confidence, and in line with data protection law. And we'll only use it to provide you with the best support possible.

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