Get help by texting 150 on Pay as you go

Easily manage your account using our text service for Pay as you go plans. All texts sent to and from 150 are free of charge, whether you're in the UK or EU.

General text services - manage your phone and plan


Service Send to 150
Find out your telephone number NUMBER
Check the status of your free Data Boost BOOST
Check what data you've rolled over ROLLOVER
Find out roaming rates RO + country, e.g. RO ITALY
Control diverts to your voicemail VM ON or VM OFF
Check unlock status of your Apple phone UNLOCK
Get a list of our most commonly used text services HELP
Get a link to download the EE app APP
Find out how to spot scam emails, calls and text messages SCAM

Text services to check balances, top up and check payments

Service Send to 150
Get information on your remaining credit, allowances, packs, add-ons or free boosts BALANCE
Top-Up with a voucher number VO + 16-digit voucher number
e.g. VO 1234567891234567
Top-Up with registered credit / debit card CR + last four digits of your card + amount you want to pay (between £5 and £95) e.g. to top up £10 with card ending in 1234, text CR 1234 10
Link a new Top-Up card ETU + 13-digit top-up card number
e.g. ETU 0123456789012
Ask for the last text message we sent you about card payments CARD PAY
Ask for all the text messages we’ve sent you about card payments CARD PAY ALL
Check if you’ve agreed to card payments for services on demand CARD PAY STATUS
Find out how to Top-Up via text HELP TOP UP

> Find out more about setting up card payments and Top-Up

Text services for pack info and buying

Service Send to 150
Get information on all packs available ALL PACKS
Start another pack early NOW
Stop your current pack

Pay as you go packs

Pack Name Data Minutes Texts Duration Text to 150
£10 Pack 8GB 500 Unlimited 30 days PACK10
£15 Pack 25GB Unlimited Unlimited 30 days PACK15
£20 Pack 50GB Unlimited
Unlimited 30 days PACK20
£30 Pack 125GB Unlimited Unlimited 30 days PACK30

> Find out more about pay as you go packs

Text services for add-ons

Service Text to 150
Get list of data, text or minutes add-ons ADD ON
Get information on text add-ons ADD TEXTS
Get information on minutes add-ons ADD MINS
Get information on data add-ons ADD DATA
Get information on add-ons to call abroad from the UK ADD INT

> Find out more about pay as you go add-ons

What if I need more information on my account?

Need to know

What if I need more information on my account?

Log in to or the EE app on your mobile.

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