What is Stay Connected Data?

We’re the only network that makes sure you stay online and connected even when your monthly data allowance runs out.

How do I Stay Connected?

If you've bought a pay monthly phone, SIM, tablet, laptop, mobile broadband or data SIM plan on an Essentials or All Rounder plan from 17 August 2022, we’ll make sure you stay connected even when your monthly data allowance runs out.

If you use up your monthly data allowance, you’ll automatically switch to a slower speed (0.5Mbps), which is fine for using WhatsApp, Maps and for messaging friends.

To go back to full plan speeds you can buy a daily or monthly data add-on or wait until your bill cycle refreshes.

This Stay Connected Data benefit also applies to customers who purchased a pay monthly phone or SIM from 7 July 2021 onwards.

Need to know

We’ll tell you by text when you’ve used 80% of your data. And then again when you've used all your full-speed data and that Stay Connected Data has been turned on.

What can I do at 0.5Mbps?

You’ll be able to use your device for things like browsing the web, checking and sending emails and using apps like WhatsApp, Spotify and Google Maps. Downloading large content files and streaming videos may not work as well. 

How can I get back up to full plan speeds?

Your full plan speed data will start again at the beginning of the next month. You can also get back up to full speed if you:

  • receive a data gift from someone else on your account
  • buy a data add-on

What's the difference between Stay Connected Data and the NHS data offer?

The NHS data offer works the same as stay connected, but instead of switching to 0.5Mbps when you use up your high-speed data, you’ll get free unlimited data at a reduced speed of 2Mbps.

Find out more about the NHS data offer.

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