How do I use WiFi on the London Underground?

What is WiFi on the London Underground?

WiFi on the London Underground is provided by Transport For London (TFL)  using the same product as WiFi Coverage Boost and is available to all eligible EE customers. WiFi is available in ticket halls, walkways, and platforms at more than 260 stations.

WiFi is not available in tunnels or in-between stations, but we launched our mobile network on the Underground in December 2022 and are continuing to build on this throughout 2023 and 2024.

Can I get WiFi on the London Underground?

Pay monthly customers

If you're an EE pay monthly customer with a WiFi-enabled device, you can get WiFi on the London Underground, unless your account is in arrears or has been classified as a bad debt.

Pay as you go customers

If you're an EE pay as you go customer with a WiFi-enabled device, you can get WiFi on the London Underground if you've topped up your account with at least £5 within the last 30 days.

It can take up to two days to update your account and give you access to WiFi on the London Underground once you've topped up.

To get set up, you'll need to call us on 150.

Why doesn't my WiFi connection work on the London Underground?

This could be due to a fault on the WiFi service or something interfering with the WiFi signal. If it’s a fault on the network, it’ll be fixed as quickly as possible.

If you see other people connecting but you can’t, try forgetting the EE-WiFi Auto network, then set up your device again using the instructions above.

How do I connect to WiFi Coverage Boost?

Only devices with compatible EE SIMs can access the London Underground WiFi using EE WiFi hotspots. Follow the set-up instructions for your device below:

On Apple devices

  1. make sure you have iOS 13 or above installed
  2. switch on your WiFi - you'll then automatically connect to EE WiFi

Android devices

Option 1 - connect whilst at a London Underground station:

  1. Once in range of the London Underground, turn on your WiFi
  2. Select EE WiFi-Auto from the list of available networks
  3. Select the 'access method' EAP
  4. Set your 'EAP method' to SIM

Once completed, you will now seamlessly and automatically connect to EE WiFi on the London Underground and in 150,000 locations across the UK thanks to WiFi Coverage Boost.

If you’re not near a London Underground station, you can set up EE WiFi so that you will automatically connect when you do come into range of the London Underground WiFi. In fact, you’ll also seamlessly connect to 150,000 hotspots across the UK to extend your coverage where you need it most, thanks to WiFi Coverage Boost. To do this, follow the steps below from any location:

Option 2 - Set up EE WiFi-Auto from anywhere

  1. Turn on the WiFi on your device
  2. Go to 'WiFi settings' and select Add network
  3. Enter EE WiFi-Auto as the network name
  4. Under security select WPA/WPA2-Enterprise (varies by device and may say WPA/WPA2/WPA3-Enterprise on some handsets)
  5. Under 'EAP method', select SIM (If your device shows Select SIM card, it should be set to EE)
  6. Select Save
  7. Check that 'EE WiFi-Auto' now appears in your 'Saved' networks list

What if I can’t find an EE WiFi hotspot?

It’s likely the station you're at doesn’t have WiFi yet or you‘re out of range of the WiFi signal. If you think you're out of range then try walking a few steps and try again. Check before you travel:

Find out if a Tube station has WiFi

What if I get a "Page not available" or "Page not found" message?

This may be because:

  • you’ve left the station and are out of range
  • you’ve misspelt the web address
  • you may be trying to access blocked content
  • there’s a network fault in that location – try moving to another spot
  • you may not have WiFi calling switched on in your device settings

Why is the WiFi service slow on the London Underground?

It may be because the station is crowded and a lot of people are using it. Transport For London (TFL) will be monitoring speeds and increasing capacity if needed.

Your experience of the service may also vary depending on your device.

Is online content blocked whilst connected to WiFi Coverage Boost?

Yes. As WiFi on the London Underground is a public WiFi network, it is important to make sure the content available is suitable for younger people, whether they access it themselves or accidentally see it over someone’s shoulder.

How do I disconnect from WiFi on the London Underground?

Just turn off WiFi under Settings on your device.

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