Problems with the sound on EE TV

Low sound on EE TV

  1. Check the remote volume. Turn up the volume to halfway between low and high on your EE TV remote and TV remote. This can fix most problems.
  2. Try setting up your EE TV remote with your TV. Read how to pair your EE TV remote with your TV.

Sound and picture out of sync

  1. Switch to another channel and back to the first one. Sounds basic, but this solves most problems.
  2. Check your picture and sound settings:

    1. Press the Home button on your EE TV remote. Select Settings, then Picture & Sound and then Synchronise Picture & Sound
    2. Choose an amount of time between 0 and 240 milliseconds. You may need to try different options before getting it right. Once happy, select Done.
    3. Some TVs have separate audio sync options. You’ll need to check your TV or the user guide.
  3. If you’re using a sound system check it’s connected correctly. If you’re using a HDMI cable, plug into a different port on the TV,
  4. Restart your EE TV box. Hold down the power button on the TV box for 10 seconds. You’ll see ‘Hello’ on your TV screen, followed by ‘Please wait’ when your box has restarted.

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