Buy, rent and watch films on EE TV

Buying and renting films on the EE TV set-top box app

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This article is only for TV boxes with an EE logo on them. If you've got a BT logo visit

To watch films that aren't already included with your channel subscriptions, you’ll see the option to Buy or rent them.

You can choose between buying or renting these in either High Definition (HD) or standard definition (SD).

Once you’ve selected which option you want, you’ll need to enter your PIN to confirm your payment. The ‘default’ PIN, if you’ve not set your own, is 1234.

You can then either play the film straight away on the web app, or stream it on any of your other registered app devices, including your EE TV Box.

For rentals, you’ll have 48 hours from the time of purchase to watch the film before it's automatically removed from your account.

Finding and watching your purchases

You can find all titles you’ve purchased via the web app or your EE TV Box in the My Purchases section within My Zone. Your purchases will appear in this section immediately after you buy them, and will appear in the order they're bought.

Finding and watching your rentals

You can find all of the titles you’ve rented via the web app or your EE TV box in the Rentals section within the My Zone area of the EE TV app. They'll appear in this section of the app immediately after you pay for them.

You'll have 48 hours from the point of purchase to finish watching rentals. After that they’ll be automatically removed from your list.

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