Hearing Support

How we can help you

If you have a hearing impairment, we’re here to give you all the extra support you may need.

We can help you choose the right phone and plan, and get you set up to make the most of your device.

And once you're an EE customer, we’ll make sure you’re supported with services tailored to your needs.

BSL service

British Sign Language users can contact us - using a sign language interpreter - through the Interpreters Live! service. This service is available from 8am to midnight, 7 days a week. If an interpreter is not immediately available, you can hold or retry later. Outside of these hours please contact us to pre-book an interpreter, who can be online within 30 minutes. Find out more about Interpreters Live! >

You can also watch our video below for full info.



Contact us through a sign language interpreter now >


Choosing the right phone for you

We can make sure the phone you choose has the features that are important to you. Here are some of the helpful phone features you may want to consider when you’re choosing a new phone:

  • text phones either have a keyboard built in or let you link up to one, making it so much easier to type your conversations with all your fingers (rather than just two thumbs)
  • use your phone along with an induction loop to boost the sound signal to your hearing aid
  • a vibrating alert or a flashing light on the screen - so you can feel or see when someone's calling you
  • haptic feedback - so when you press any key the phone vibrates so you don't accidentally call someone
  • volume control - so the other person is loud enough for you to hear as well as possible
  • ability to change the ringtone - so you can choose one that you can hear best
  • hearing loop - so your phone calls can be transmitted to a hearing aid
  • video calling - so you can see the caller as you chat
  • access to the internet

And GARI - the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative - has info to help people with a hearing impairment which may help you find the best device for your own needs.

You can choose to learn about phones, tablets, apps, wearable technology like watches and smart TVs.

 You should remember that not all the devices listed on the GARI website are available on EE. Go to the EE Shop for our full current range of devices.

Choosing the right EE plan

Choose from pay monthly, pay as you go and SIM only. We have something to suit everyone. Many of our plans come with unlimited minutes – meaning you’ll always be connected. To get started:

  • contact us by dialling 0870 240 9598 from your text phone and ask to be connected to 0800 079 2000
  • go into one of our stores, or
  • check out EE's online shop

Next Generation Text Relay

If you struggle to hear or speak on the phone, the Next Generation Text (NGT) service (http://ngts.org.uk) can really help.

It uses the free NGT Lite app which works with compatible smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs - use NGT wherever there’s an internet connection.

How it works

  • if you find it difficult to hear on the phone, an assistant types what the other person is saying so you can read their words in real time
  • if speaking on the phone is difficult, you type the words and an assistant speaks them, so the other person can hear your words in real time

The Text Relay service available on an EE plan allows access via the official NGT Lite App. You get a better experience and can call more destinations than on T-Mobile or Orange plans.

And you get access to various important short codes (eg 101, 111, 112, 195, 999) as well as geographic, non-geographic, premium rate and international destinations.

Here’s a full list of destinations and pricing


You can also still use a textphone for NGT (as with the old Text Relay service). Find out more on the NGT website - there are videos and instructions on using this service.

Contacting us

To contact us directly using either the new Next Generation Text Service or the original Text Relay Service dial 18001 in front of one of the following long dial numbers:

  • EE all customers - 07953 966 250
  • Orange pay as you go customers - 07973 100 450
  • Orange pay monthly customers - 07973 100 150
  • T-Mobile all customers - 07953 966 150

On Orange pay as you go or T-Mobile?

Orange pay as you go: The Text Relay service isn’t available. You should use the Text Relay Assist service instead (0870 240 9598 - text) or (0870 240 5152 – call).
The Text Relay assistant will connect you (the service excludes premium rate and international calls). Calls will be automatically credited on your next bill.

T-Mobile: Calls to 03 numbers, non-geographical numbers like 084 and 087, premium rate numbers and 118 via the text relay service aren’t available.

Services with EE

Help with your account

Nominate a friend or family member to act as an authorised user to look after your account. All you need to do is set a password, and they'll be able to access your details securely.

Free directory enquiries

A free directory enquiries service (195) is available to customers who find it difficult to use a phone book. It's a very straightforward service: call 195 from your EE phone to register.

Operator-connected calls

If you use our 195 service to get a phone number the operator can also connect any standard call for you for free.

Customer service tailored to your needs

As soon as we know about your hearing impairment, we can make sure we tailor our customer service to your needs. Fill out this confidential form and we'll do the rest.


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