Get help choosing the right phone if you're mobility-impaired

EE can help you choose the right phone if you're mobility-impaired or have trouble with dexterity.

If you find it difficult to handle a phone, or to operate the keys, you may prefer one with larger buttons or a touch screen.

Some phones also have rubber cases that are easier to grip and provide extra protection if dropped.

And, of course, voice dialing could be the answer to all your problems. Then you'll just be a word or two away from your nearest and dearest... and anybody else you need to call.

The Extra Help section might also be useful: it provides information on free directory enquiries, bills and contacting us

Choosing the right phone

We got some experts to have a look at our phones and tell us which are best if you generally find a phone hard to handle. They told us the Samsung B2100, which we offer on our Orange brand, is especially good because its strong design means it survives being dropped - whether onto the floor or into a pint of water.

We've also launched EE phone simulators which let you explore the phone online and learn about its capabilities. You can try out the iPhone 5, HTC One XL and Samsung Galaxy S III 4G. The simulators are like having an expert in the room to show you how to use all the phone's great features.

The GARI (Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative) website could also help you to find a device with the accessibility feature that works best for you.

Please note that not all devices on the GARI website will be available on EE.

Choosing the right plan

Given that you probably find it easier to talk than text, it would make sense to opt for a pay as you go or a pay monthly plan that gives you great value on voice calls.

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