Visual Support

How we can help you

If you’re visually impaired or your vision isn’t 100%, we’re here to give you all the extra support you may need.

We can help you choose the right phone and plan, and get you set up to make the most of your device.

And once you're an EE customer, we’ll make sure you’re supported with a whole range of services - bills and other important communications in a choice of formats, free directory enquiries, operator-connected calls, help with your account and tailored customer services - to make life that bit easier.

Choosing the right phone for you

We can make sure the phone you choose has the features that are important to you. Here are some of the helpful phone features you may want to consider when you’re choosing a new phone:

  • voice commands – helping you to control your phone by talking to it 
  • text reader – so you can hear the text on the screen
  • 'haptic' feedback – this means that when you press a key, the phone vibrates
  • audio feedback – so you can hear instructions
  • back-lit keypad – in case the light is poor
  • adjustable contrast – to help make text easier to read 
  • adjustable font size – in case you want larger letters 
  • large, clear, screen display and voice calling – to cut down on how much you have to read
  • audible battery indicator – so you can hear when you’re running low  

And you could try GARI - the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative.

This website has info to help people with a visual impairment which may help you find the best device for your own needs. You can choose to learn about phones, tablets, apps, smart TVs and wearable technology, like watches. 

You should remember that not all the devices listed on the GARI website are available on EE. Go to the EE Shop for our full current range of devices.

Choosing the right EE plan

Choose from pay monthly, pay as you go, SIM only or home broadband. We have something to suit everyone. Many of our plans come with unlimited minutes – meaning you’ll always be connected. To get started:

  • call 150 from your EE phone or 0800 079 8586 from your EE landline or 07953 966 250 from any other phone 
  • go into one of our stores, or
  • check out EE's online shop

Services with EE

Here's how you can make sure you get the most out of EE.

Don't worry if you have difficulty reading your bills or communications – we can provide you with a choice of Braille or large print versions on request. You can also get all of our other EE literature in a choice of the following formats free of charge upon request:

  • standard paper bill
  • Braille 
  • large print 
  • audio CD
  • call customer services on 150 from your EE mobile phone, 0800 079 8586 from your EE landline or 07953 966 250 from any other phone or +447953 966 250 from abroad. Don't forget your bill is available to download at My EE. Just log in to My EE, to see your bill you can

Select the option SEE THIS BILL - you'll see this after you've logged in

Select the menu and choose Bills and Payments where you'll always find details of your bill

Nominate a friend or family member to act as an authorised user to look after your account. All you need to do is set a password, and they'll be able to access your details securely.

Free directory enquiries

A free directory enquiries service (195) is available to customers with visual impairments who find it difficult to use a phone book. It's a very straightforward service: call 195 from your EE phone to register.

Operator-connected calls

If you use our 195 service to get a phone number the operator can also connect any standard call for you for free.

Customer service tailored to your needs

As soon as we know about your visual impairment, we can make sure we tailor our customer service to your needs. Fill out this confidential form and we'll do the rest.

Other help

The RNIB has a Beginner's guide to mobiles and smartphones with advice on how to choose the right device for you.