Great news! You can get the latest phone now

Out with the old, in with the new.
Get your new phone in store.

How Annual Upgrade works 

Get a shiny new phone, every year 

Because you’re on an eligible 4GEE Max Plan, you can swap your old phone for a brand new one with Annual Upgrade. Simply call 150 or pop into an EE store and trade your old phone for the newest model every 12 months. 

What you’ll need to do

Call 150 and we'll arrange your trade in over the phone and send out your new phone straight away


Bring your phone in-store to trade it for a new phone. Find your nearest store

Before you trade in, don’t forget to:

  • Back up your phone - So you don’t lose your contacts and photos.
  • Remove 'Find My iPhone' (iPhone users only)

If you're trading in your phone in-store:

  • Bring your phone - Don’t worry about any chargers or the box.
  • Bring your credit or debit card - So we can confirm you’re the account holder. 

For more info, see our FAQs below.

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