Manage my payment arrangement plan

Payment arrangement plans

A payment arrangement plan helps you to pay off your arrears. As part of your payment arrangement, you’ll be on a new plan which includes unlimited UK calls and texts, plus a new data allowance. We’ll place your regular device payments on hold until you’ve completed your arrangement.

How to make a payment

You can make payments by calling 360 via our automated payment line, texting PAY to 150 or calling 150 or 0800 956 6000 to speak to one of our EE Guides. You may need to make payments to both your device agreement and your plan.

How much you'll need to pay

You can find the total amount you need to pay in your payment arrangement confirmation letter. We will text you seven days before payment is due suggesting how much you can pay for both your device agreement and plan. You’ll need to make two separate payments. You can find out your total outstanding arrears by calling 150.

You’ll need to pay the agreed minimum monthly payment or we’ll have to cancel your arrangement. You must make sure that at the end of the arrangement, you don’t have anything left to pay for either your device or your plan.

Missing a payment

If you don’t make the required payment within the time frame we’ve agreed, then we’ll cancel your arrangement, and you’ll have to pay your arrears balance right away. If this happens, we may restrict your service.

Your account may be referred to a Debt Collections Agency to manage the debt on our behalf. We will also put you back on your previous plan and resume your regular device payments.

Am I expected to pay anything as part of the arrangement other than the arrears?

We’ll place your regular plan or device payments on hold until you’ve completed your arrangement. To help you avoid extra charges, we’ll cap any spend outside of your plan where possible. We’ll still charge you for insurance and Add to Plan at the same price.

Impact on credit file

Before your arrangement was set up your credit file would have shown that you were in arrears. Once your arrangement is set up, we’ll record it on your credit file. After you’ve finished paying for your arrangement, your credit file will no longer show that you’re on an arrangement or in arrears.

Ongoing device payments during your arrangement

During your arrangement, we’ll place your device payments on hold. Once you’ve completed your arrangement, we’ll restart them. When this takes place, we’ll extend your device agreement for the duration of the arrangement.

For example, you enter a three-month arrangement during which your device payments are frozen. Once your normal device credit agreement starts again, we’ll add three months on the end to make up for the payments you missed.

We’ll also move you back onto the plan you had before you started this arrangement (or a similar plan if your plan is no longer available).

How do I make future payments when the payment arrangement has completed?

You will need to call us to set up your Direct Debit on 150 from your EE mobile if that’s your preferred method of payment or continue making payments by calling 0800 956 6000 from any other phone.

Where to find more support

If you think you won’t be able to pay the agreed amount, contact us on 150 from your EE mobile or 0800 956 6000 from any other phone as soon as you can and we can help you find a solution and provide you with options.

If you would like free independent financial help, you can also get advice from the following debt charities:

  • National Debt Line - Freephone 0808 808 4000
    A debt charity set up to give free independent debt advice over the phone and online.
  • StepChange Debt Charity - Freephone 0800 138 1111
    Their advice is free and confidential, and they offer a wide range of solutions. They also have a useful debt assessment and management tool.
  • Citizens Advice
    They provide knowledge and support in a wide range of issues free of charge.

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