Understanding mobile data usage

There are a few things worth knowing about how you use data with EE.

Can I ever go over my data allowance?

No, you can’t go over your data allowance. We’ll text you when you’ve used 80 per cent and then again when it runs out – there are no hidden charges.

If you do use up your data you can always buy more to see you through.

Why is my data usage sometimes more than I've downloaded?

When content providers state the file size of their content, it may take up a little bit more of your data to download that file. This is because of encryption and addressing data – the ‘headers’ on each packet of data – which can be up to 10 per cent of the total file size. 

For instance, if an image is said to be 100MB, it may take up to 110MB of data to download that file to your device. 

At EE, we do what we can to limit the amount of data you use when downloading content in the UK, for example by not counting all of the ‘DNS’ data that’s used up every time you access the internet.

Quick ways to check your data and get more

You can:

  • Open the EE app and go to Manage
  • text AL to 150 free from your EE device
  • go to add-on.ee.co.uk on your EE device

Remember, we’ll always send you a text to let you know when you’ve used 80 per cent of your data and again when you’ve run out.

Can I use data when I go abroad?

Data charges whilst you are abroad depend on your mobile plan and your destination.

If your plan started on or after 7 July 2021, you can use your minutes, texts and data allowances in our European roaming zone for £2.29 a day. If your contract started before this date, you don’t have to pay the £2.29 daily charge.

Our Roam Abroad Pass allows you to use your plan's minutes, text and data allowances abroad in 47 European destinations and USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia or New Zealand for £25 a month.

You can use our roaming calculator to help you understand how much it might cost to use your phone while abroad.

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