What is the best data bundle for me?

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Find out more about our pay monthly and pay as you go plans.

Bundle basics

Bundle basics

The right plan for you

If you don’t use a lot of data on your phone each month, pay as you go may be best for you.

But if you use data regularly and you’ve got a good credit rating, one of our pay monthly plans may be better.

If you do a lot of browsing, and want to play online games or stream videos while you’re on the move, a pay monthly plan with a higher data allowance will be best.

Pay monthly

Pay monthly

Our pay monthly plans give you unlimited calls and texts. If you find you need more data, you can either upgrade to a plan with more data, or buy an add-on.

> See our pay monthly plans

> See our pay monthly add-ons

Pay as you go

Pay as you go

Choose the pay as you go pack you want (seven or 30 days) and then just make sure it’s topped up so you can make calls, send texts and use data as much as you want.

Remember, the more you buy, the more Free Boosts with extra minutes, texts or data you can get.

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