How can I view my home broadband bill?

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It's easy to view and understand your home broadband bills.

How can I view my home broadband bill?

How can I view my home broadband bill?

To view your current, and previous, home broadband bills:


    log in to My EE


    select Your Bills

If you’re struggling to see your previous bills on a mobile phone or tablet device, try logging in to your My EE account from a desktop computer or laptop.

Good to know:

We won't bill you directly for on demand content or other subscription services - each content provider will bill you directly.

> Find out how to get in touch with content providers

What does my home broadband bill look like?

What does my home broadband bill look like?

Here's an example of what your home broadband bill should look like:


Good to know:

Additionally you can find further information in the handbook you received when you joined EE as a home broadband customer.

> Download copy of the EE broadband handbook

When you receive your bill, it will be laid out as follows:

Bill summary

This will show a summary of your account and will include the balance from your previous bill, the payment received and the total charges for this month's bill.

Amount due

This will show the amount outstanding on your account for the month.

Estimated payment date

This will show how much we’ll take from your card or bank account for the month and will also show the estimated date we'll take your payment.

Your plan

This will include details of your plan and a breakdown of monthly charges for your home broadband plan and any call add-ons you’ve opted for as part of your plan.

Extras and discounts

This shows any additional charges or credits on your account for example:


    any call add-ons


    any promotional discounts


    costs for any additional calls made outside your call add-on


    any late payment fees or credit card surcharges

How you used your add-on

This shows the calls you've made on your landline that are included in your call add-on.

Additional usage and costs

This will show any additional chargeable calls.

Your savings

This will show how much the calls included in your add-on have saved you on this bill.


This will include a summary of your home broadband plan including any extras, discounts or additional charges and will show an overall total for this month's bill.

Your itemised breakdown

This lists all the calls you've made for this bill and includes:


    the time, day and date the call was made


    the number you called


    the place you called (or network, if a mobile or non-geographic number)


    calls within add-on


    the duration and cost of the call

How do I claim back VAT on my home broadband bill?

How do I claim back VAT on my home broadband bill?

You can use your online bill to claim VAT back as long as the bill amount is £250 or less. Make sure you print off your online bills and keep a copy for your VAT return.

If your bill amount is more than £250:

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