How much mobile data do apps and emails use?

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Things like normal browsing and email only use a small amount of data, others such as watching catch-up TV or videos on YouTube can use significantly more.

Here’s a rough guide to give you an idea of how much data you’ll need:

Activity Data consumption (estimated)
Web browsing 1 – 4MB per minute
Uploading Photos 1.5MB per photo (depending on quality of image)
Facebook 1 – 2MB per minute
Maps navigation 100-200KB per minute
Gaming 1.5MB upwards per minute
Music Streaming 1-2MB per minute (standard
sound quality)
Podcast Streaming 60 – 100MB per hour
Skype/Video Call 90MB – 1.4GB per hour (depending on quality)
YouTube/Video Streaming 2 – 3MB per minute
YouTube/Video Streaming HD 4 – 6MB per minute
1MB = 1024KB      1GB = 1024MB  
Hints and tips

Do software or firmware updates while connected to Wi-Fi.

Download and update apps when you're connected to Wi-Fi.

Make sure you close apps properly on your device, so they don't use data in the background.

You can change the settings on some apps so they can only be used when connected to Wi-Fi.

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