Get an annual upgrade

Why wait two years to get the newest device? With EE Annual Upgrade you can upgrade after 12 months. There are no early upgrade fees or hidden charges – just the phone you want, without the wait.

How can I get an EE Annual Upgrade?

Annual upgrade is available to new and upgrading customers taking a qualifying 24-month 4GEE Max plan on eligible phones.

It's easy. Swap your old phone for the latest model online, in store or by calling 150 from your EE phone. To check online if you're eligible for an EE Annual Upgrade:

As long as your phone is in good working order, you can trade it in and upgrade there and then to a new 24-month EE pay monthly plan (with the same or higher monthly payments as your current plan). Standard eligibility rules apply.

The following must also apply:

  • you’ve had an eligible plan and device for at least 12 consecutive months
  • it’s been at least 12 months since your last upgrade
  • your EE account is paid up to date

Don’t want to return your current phone to us when you upgrade? Or your phone’s damaged? No problem, but there may be a charge.

What will I have to pay if my phone is damaged?

Phone modelMajor scratches / damage to keysCracked / chipped screenDoes not power upNo device to trade in* / beyond economical repair / unauthorised repair carried out<
Google Pixel 2£100£100£100£240
Google Pixel 2 XL£100£100£100£310
iPhone 7£100£100£100£240
iPhone 7 Plus£100£100£100£310
iPhone 8£100£100£100£240
iPhone 8 Plus£100£100£100£310
iPhone X£240£240£240£480
Samsung Galaxy S8£100£100£100£240
Samsung Galaxy S8+£100£100£100£310
Samsung Note 8£100£100£100£310

*e.g. you wish to keep your device

If you have insurance you can choose whether to make a claim, subject to your policy, or pay the make-up charge.

Can trade in any phone when I upgrade?

No – you’ll need to trade in the same model that you took with your price plan. We’ll check it for damage and if we find any, we’ll ask you for a damage fee to allow you to upgrade.

Can I upgrade to any phone?

Yes – you can take any phone when you upgrade, as long as it’s on a plan at the same monthly cost or higher. Be sure that you’re upgrading to another eligible phone and plan, so you can restart EE Annual Upgrade.

Do I have to pay for the new phone?

Yes – any upfront payment required for the new phone will still apply when you complete an EE Annual Upgrade.

Do I have to sign up to a new 24-month contract?

You’ll be entered into a new 24-month contract, unless you opt for another EE Annual Upgrade contract.

Can I get an upgrade with special offers or discounts?

You can get EE Annual Upgrade with an eligible phone when taking our 15GB, 25GB 40GB, 60GB and 100GB 4GEE Max plan.

Friends and Family accounts are eligible on the 40GB, 60GB and 100GB 4GEE Max plans only.

Sorry, it’s not available with special offers like Perk or multi-line discounts. 

I replaced my phone through an insurance claim, am I still eligible?

Yes – as long as it’s the same model and memory type that you took at the start of the contract.

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