Pay as you go packs

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  • Orange
  • T-Mobile

EE pay as you go packs come with superfast 4G and start from only £1.  Each pack comes loaded with minutes, texts and data.

Simply use your credit to buy the pack that best suits how you want to use your phone and each month or week it will automatically renew and come out of your credit.  All you need to do is make sure you’ve topped up.

And don’t forget, with Free Boosts you can add more minutes, texts or data to every pack for free.

See our full range of packs >

Just top up to stay connected

To make things simpler and make sure you’re always connected, EE packs will automatically start every 30 or seven days so you’ll always have the minutes, texts or data you need - all you need to do is top up.

With Orange pay as you go animal plans you get great rewards every month, just for topping up. So whether you want free texts, calls or data every month you can choose the plan that suits you best.

Your reward allowance will last for up to 30 days.

Animal plans


Top up £10 a month and we'll give you a huge 1GB UK mobile internet bundle and 400 texts for free.
For £15 a month you get 2GB and 600 texts.
For £20 or more a month the reward is 3GB and unlimited texts.


Each month, if you top up by £10 you'll get 100 weekend minutes and 100 texts or picture messages.
For £15 a month you get 200 weekend minutes and 200 texts or picture messages.
For £30 or more a month the reward is 300 weekend minutes and 300 texts or picture messages.


With Racoon, UK calls are just 22p a minute and UK texts cost 15p each.
You won't be able to get Magic Numbers, Phone Fund or Reserve Tank with this plan.

How to get on an animal plan

You can choose and change your plan in My EE.

You can also get your plan by texting the name of your plan to 450. For example, text DOLPHIN to 450.

Checking your reward allowances

You can how many remaining inclusive texts/minutes/data you have from your top up reward by:

  • Checking My EE
  • Checking the My EE app
  • Texting BUNDLES to 450
  • Calling 453 from your Orange phone
  • Calling 07973 100 450 from a landline (standard rates apply).

When will I receive my rewards?

After you've selected your animal plan and topped up it can take up to 24 hours for rewards to be applied to your account.

If it's been more than 24 hours and you haven't received a confirmation yet, then you'll need to call customer services to get this resolved. Please call 450 from your Orange phone or 07973 100 450 from a landline.

When do I get my next reward?

To qualify for your next reward, just make sure you top up before your allowances are due to be renewed. To find out when this is going to happen, just text BUNDLES to 450.

If you haven't topped up enough by this date to get your rewards, they will be added as soon as you do top up enough.

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