Move to EE from legacy brands

It’s easy to move your legacy account to EE.

How do I move my legacy pay monthly account to EE?

If you have 30 days or less left on your legacy pay monthly contract you can move to EE pay monthly contract for free. We’ll take care of everything and move you over with no hassle – you can even keep your old phone number. To move to EE:

Even if you're not at the end of your legacy pay monthly contract, you could still be eligible for an early upgrade at a discounted fee. To find out if you're eligible:

  • text UP to 150

When you move to EE there are some changes you'll need to make.

Your Direct Debit or payment details:

If you upgrade from a legacy brand account, your Direct Debit date will have to change for security reasons. However you'll be able to amend it in the future to a more convenient date.

You can use the same credit or debit card to pay – you'll just need to fill in a short form to register the card with your new account.

Your voicemail:

As you're moving to a different network, you'll need to record a new voicemail greeting. Unfortunately you also won't be able to keep any saved voicemails from your legacy brand account.

Sorry, Caller Tunes and Family Booster won’t transfer either.

Your new SIM:

Your old phone number should be transferred automatically to your new EE SIM. However, if you’re moving from a legacy brand, before you insert your new EE SIM into a new EE device, you’ll need to text SWITCH to 3333 from your old legacy brand phone.

Your account and bills:

You can view your bills and manage your account on EE online.

> Register for EE online
> Download the EE app

More help

> Find out more about your final legacy bill and first EE bill

If you change your mind at all once you've moved to EE, you can ask to cancel your EE pay monthly contract within 14 days of receiving your new EE device.

> Find out more about cancelling your contract

How do I move my legacy pay as you go account to EE?

You just need to switch your SIM once you're ready to move over to EE:

You can transfer your number and any remaining credit too.

> Order your EE pay as you go SIM and get £10 free credit

When you move, how you top-up and manage your account will change. Your legacy packs or plans may also change but you can get new pay as you go packs with EE.

Top up:

Once you’ve moved to EE pay as you go, you can top up by logging on to EE. Just add your credit or debit card details – for security reasons, we can’t move them over from your legacy brand account.

> Register for EE online
> Download the EE app

Manage your account:

You can view your remaining credit and allowances, top up and buy add-ons on EE. You can also update your account details.

> Register for EE online
> Download the EE app


Get pay as you go packs:

On EE we've created packs instead of plans - a pack is a bundle of allowances (data, minutes and texts) that you can buy using your credit and is cheaper than being on standard pay as you go rates.

Packs can last for seven or 30 days and they renew automatically as long as you have enough credit to pay for it so you don't need to worry about running out of allowances.

When you move to EE, your legacy brand packs, plans and rewards will be replaced with the EE pay as you go pack of your choice. Calls to UK mobile or landline numbers are included in your EE pack.

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