Charges to mobile

Voted on a TV talent show? Entered a competition on your phone? Text a donation to charity? Subscribed to an information service?

If so, you’re likely to see charges on your bill from other companies.

Why have I been charged?

You’ve requested a service, votes, entered a competition, purchased digital content and agreed that these charges be applied to your EE bill.

These are not EE services and are charged by the company that provided these services. 

What have I been charged for?

Don’t recognise a charge showing under 'Services from other companies' on your bill? Just enter the three to nine digit number shown on your bill in the 'number' column in our charge checker or the service description exactly as it appears on your bill, just before the cost of the service. This will be prefixed with one letter for example 'W Service Name'. DO NOT enter 9 digit number shown under 'reference' shown on your bill as this will return no results.

Enter the service description or the three to nine digit number shown on your bill
Third party name
Third party number
Contact details

Who can I talk to about my charges?

Get in touch with the third party directly – their contact details are above.

We only bill you on their behalf. So, we’re not able to answer questions about your charges or give you a refund.

How can I complain about my charges?

Contact the Phone-paid Services Authority – they regulate all premium rate numbers in the UK.

Any information we give you about your charges is given to us by the third parties.

So, we can’t guarantee the details will always be right.

And we can’t be held responsible for any losses made as a result.

EE endeavours to publish accurate information regarding the services identified by this number checker service, but it does not guarantee the accuracy of the information, and cannot be held liable for any losses of any kind arising as a result of any reliance on, or usage of, such information.

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