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Can I ever go over my data allowance?

No, you can’t go over your data allowance. We’ll text you when you’ve used 80% and then again when it runs out - there are no hidden charges.

If you do use up your data you can always purchase more to see you through.

Why is my data usage sometimes more than I’ve downloaded?

Across the internet, including on every mobile and fixed network around the world, downloading a file requires enough data for the size of the file, as well as the essential addressing data that makes sure the file reaches the customer and the encryption to ensure it gets there safely. This is down to the way that the internet is built, and the protocols that determine how data is directed around networks. The essential encryption and addressing data – the ‘headers’ on each packet of data – can be up to 10% of the total file size.

Customers should be aware of this when looking at what content providers state as the file size of content on the internet – It may take up a little bit more of your data to download that file. For instance, if a content provider states that an image is 100 megabytes, it may take up to 110 megabytes of data to download that file to your device. It’s like mailing a parcel – the packaging and even the ink on the address label does add to the weight, but without them the package can’t be delivered.

At EE, we do what we can to limit the amount of data that customers use when downloading content in the UK, for example by not counting in data usage all of the ‘DNS’ data that is used up every time our customers’ devices access the internet, which happens billions of times every day.

Quick ways to check your data

  • Use the My EE app
  • Login to My EE online
  • Text AL to 150 (free of charge) from your EE device and we'll reply with your data remaining and when your allowances refresh if you're on a monthly plan
  • Visit when you're connected to the EE 4G network

Remember, we’ll always send you a text to let you know when you’ve used 80% of your data and again when you’ve ran out. Find out more about usage alerts.

Buying data add-ons

UK data add-ons

If you've already run out of data, we'll direct you to our add-ons webpage next time you try to browse. From there, just select the data add-on that's best for you.

Below are other ways to buy a data add-on:

  • Use the My EE app
  • Use the link we text you when you run out
  • Visit when you're connected to the 4G network (this will work even when you have used up your data)

Roaming data add-ons

You can still use the internet if you're abroad - you’ll just need to have a roaming data add-on. When you’re abroad we’ll direct you to the roaming add-on page next time you try to browse. From here just select the amount of data that’s best for you. 

Some plans include roaming data allowances, check your plan here.

Find out more information about costs and duration of roaming add-ons available to you using our roaming tool.

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