Fibre without landline

Frequently asked questions

Can I retrieve my number after I have opted for fibre without landline?

You cannot retrieve your number once you have opted-in to fibre without landline. This is also the case if you move to a new provider.

How do I make calls to emergency services or premium numbers without a landline?

When you opt-in to fibre without landline, you will no longer have a dial tone and will not be able to make calls. Instead, you will have to make all calls on your mobile device, including those to emergency services like 999 and premium numbers.

I have taken fibre without landline and want to move to another provider with a landline, can I do this?

Yes you can. But you won’t be able to retrieve your old landline number and will be given a new number.

I have taken fibre without landline and have decided I want a landline, can I get a landline?

Yes you can get Fibre with Landline but policy rules will apply with changing Fibre plans.

I have a home phone plugged into the phone socket but it has no dial tone. Why has this happened?

If you have taken Fibre without landline then you have opted for a Fibre plan without a landline and you do not have a dial tone. If you have opted for a broadband plan with a landline then please call customer service from your mobile to sort the issue.

I have taken fibre without landline, but can my family and friends call my home phone number?

No. You will have no dial tone and will not be able to make or receive calls from your landline.

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