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Using your own router for Home Broadband

Routers supporting Ethernet WAN can be used to connect to our Fibre Broadband service (via the Openreach modem). You might hear these called Ethernet or cable type routers.

If you've received the router from another Internet service provider, it's probably locked to their service so won't work on our Fibre Broadband service.

The article doesn't currently support setting up an all-in-one VDSL modem/ router.

Connecting to the Openreach modem

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable between the WAN port on your router and LAN1 socket on your Openreach modem.
  2. The port may be labelled WAN, Internet, Modem or a symbol e.g. WAN symbol on an Apple AirPort router.

    Third Party Router

  3. Turn the router on.
  4. Connect your computer and router using a wired or wireless connection. See your router's user guide if you need more help.
    Third party router with selection of devices connecting to router

Update router settings

To connect to your Fibre Broadband service for the first time, you'll need to update a few settings. You can do this from your router's admin pages, which are usually found at an address like:

  • Or using a disk or set up software

The settings you'll need to update your router are below:

  • protocol: PPPoE (over Ethernet)
  • broadband username: Format similar to yourname.orangehome.co.uk@fs or PRODUCTIONHQNUN123456@fs
  • broadband password: You chose this when you first registered, and it was confirmed in the welcome email

For more username and password help see the guide EE Home Broadband settings.

Other settings can usually be left blank, or at the router's default setting. We've listed some common settings which may help if you're having problems:

  • authentication: CHAP
  • internet IP address: e.g. Dynamic, Auto or Obtain from ISP (we'll assign you an IP address when you connect)
  • DNS IP address: e.g. Dynamic, Auto or Obtain from ISP (we'll automatically provide these when you connect)
  • MTU: 1492
  • MAC address: (leave blank/ disabled)

Your router's support team will be able to help if you have any problems entering the settings.

We're happy to help you to connect your Bright Box router to Fibre Broadband. We suggest you do this if you want to check your service is working or need to contact us for support.

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