What affects your home broadband speed and WiFi

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Check the status of broadband in your area if you're having problems.

If there aren’t any problems in your area, you’ll have the option to test your home connection.

Check your broadband

Being a new EE customer

It can take up to midnight on the day your service goes live for your broadband to start working. Track your order to find your activation details.

When you first get broadband we test the line to make sure you get the best speed and connection, so it’s normal for speeds to go up and down. These tests can take up to 10 days, so keep your hub turned on during this time.

Device speed and connection

If your WiFi feels sluggish, it could be the device you’re using. Typically the newer your equipment, the faster the wireless speed it will support.

Test your speed using the EE app, under ‘WiFi Controls’.

Different things can slow a computer down, giving the impression that your broadband is slow. This includes:

  • running lots of programs at once
  • not enough memory
  • web browser add-ons
  • too many programs loading on startup

Your wireless set-up

Place your hub close to where you'll use the internet most. Obstacles like walls, doors and wardrobes can make a huge difference to WiFi speed.

Turn off WiFi on your device (or put it in aeroplane mode for a few seconds), then switch it back on. Restarting devices once in a while can improve your connection.

If you’re struggling in certain rooms, our Smart WiFi package may be for you.

How you use your broadband

Broadband speed is shared with every device connected to your hub. So if 4 devices are using the internet at the same time, they'll each get roughly a quarter of the available speed.

Streaming (for example watching live TV, YouTube or Netflix) and online gaming use more of your bandwidth, so if anyone in your household is doing this it could make your broadband slower for everyone else.

We recommend you disconnect any devices not in use.

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