Check your Full Fibre wiring and set-up

Check your Smart Hub (your router)

Check all cables are firmly plugged in. The Ethernet cable (red ends) must be plugged into the WAN port (or port 4) on your hub and the other end into the Openreach modem's PORT1/LAN1 port - the number of ports on these modems can vary. Make sure the power cable is connected to your hub and the power socket.

Check your Openreach modem

  1. Check the modem is connected to the power supply
    If the Power light is off, check that the Openreach modem is connected correctly to the Battery Back Up Unit using the white power cable. The Battery Back Up Unit should be connected to a power supply and the status light on the Battery Back Up Unit should be green.
  2. Optical cable
    The green optical cable should have been connected by your engineer. Do not unplug it. If the PON light is off and the LOS light is red or flashing, check that the cable's inserted fully into the Openreach modem.
    Contact us if you're still having issues and the green optical cable is fully inserted or the PON light is flashing and the LOS light is off.
  3. Your hub is connected to the right port on the modem
    You must always plug your Smart Hub into the Openreach modem port PORT 1. If you're connected to PORT 1 but have no internet connection, try plugging the Ethernet cable (red ends) into the next one along. After a few minutes a blue light will show your hub is ready.

If the PORT 1-4 light on your Openreach modem is off or flashing and you're still having issues with your broadband service, please contact us.

Huawei 1 port and 4 port modem
Openreach modem

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