My EE TV bill explained

If you're new to EE TV, you might notice a few things that are different on your broadband bill - we'll explain the changes.

I'm new to EE Broadband

If you're new to EE Broadband (and EE TV), we'll start billing you when your broadband is up and running. So:

  • the date that we turn your broadband on is when we start your contract and produce your first bill
  • we'll bill you a month in advance for your package (covering your broadband subscription, any call add-on features and EE TV service)
  • any calls you make on your Home Phone outside any call add-on you may have will be billed on your second (and subsequent bill in arrears)

To view your bill online, see our guide logging into your account.


I've upgraded my broadband account to EE TV

From the date your package changes, we'll adjust your bill so that you're paying your new package price and not the old one. So, we'll:

  • apply a refund for your old package price from the date your package changed until the end of your billing month
  • charge your new package price for the same period and charge your new package price for the next billing month
  • return your bill to the standard package price on your next bill (after you upgrade you may end up paying slightly more or slightly less)

If you've also added a call add-on to your package, you'll also see a new charge each month in the ‘extras and discounts; section’, along with any charges made for setting up and connection of the service.

To view your bill online, see our guide logging into your account.


Assisted installation (calling out an engineer)

If you've chosen to have an Assisted Installation to help set up your TV equipment within your home, the assisted install charge will go on your next bill after the appointment is booked. This should be after your EE TV is live, so it should appear on your second or subsequent bill.


Content Charges

EE won't bill you directly for content viewed in the On Demand area of your EE TV service. Instead, you'll be billed directly by the content provider of the service you choose to use.

You'll find more details about getting in touch with content providers in our list of useful contacts for On Demand apps.

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