Problems recording on EE TV

Lost recordings

We can't fix or recover any corrupt or lost recordings, but let’s look at stopping this happen again.

A cause could have been a poor Freeview signal or broadband connection at the time.

Steps to stop this happening again:

  1. Check the channel you're trying to record. It won't record if you’re having trouble viewing the channel.
  2. Check the cable connections of your equipment.
  3. Don't switch off your EE TV box or EE Hub when you've got a scheduled recording.
  4. Check the series recordings you've set-up by going to the 'Scheduled' section of 'My TV'.
  5. Check for any network or broadband problems.
  6. Read our help on Missing Freeview channels.

Recording is only possible on the EE TV Box Pro. If you have an EE TV Box Mini then you will not be able to record live TV. 

Check the status of EE TV

If there aren’t any problems with EE TV, you’ll have the option to test your home broadband connection.

Check EE TV status

The end of my programme has not recorded

Freeview channels should recognise when a programme overruns and continue to record until the end.

TV channels that use broadband have set recording times that do not move.

If your programme may run over, we recommend you also record the programme that comes after. That way you won't miss the end of your programme if it does run over.

“Recording Unavailable” message

This message means the EE TV Box no longer has the right to play the recording.

This may happen when you change packages or remove an EE Extra and the recording was from a channel you no longer have.

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