Cancelling your Tablet Care

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You can cancel Tablet Care up to 14 days after you've received your Confirmation of Cover and terms and conditions.

If you haven't made a claim, we'll refund any pro-rata payments you've made.

If you have made a claim during this period, we'll refund any payments you've made and pro-rata payments. However, you may have to pay for any replacement tablet you've received.

After the initial 14 days you can cancel at any time - but Tablet Care has a minimum three month term. If you do want to cancel after 14 days and before three months you'll have to pay the minimum term.

The EE Tablet Care product will be active for a period of five years and after this period you will need to purchase the product again. When you near the end of the 60 month period we will contact you to see if you would like to benefit from all the features the product has to offer.

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