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Eligible Broadband and Mobile products

EE customers with eligible Broadband and Mobile products on the same account will have access to Multi Product benefits. If you’re on an eligible Pay Monthly line you will get unlimited data and access to flexible SIM Only / Flex Pay mobile plans.

To be eligible, you’ll need to have qualifying Broadband and Mobile on the same single ID, under the same account holder name to receive Multi Product benefits. You will keep these benefits until you cancel your products.

Here's how you can Link Your EE Products under your EE ID.

Eligible EE Broadband plans

The Broadband plans below qualify you for Multi Product benefits:

  • Essentials Plan
  • All Rounder Plan
  • Full Works Plan

If you cancel your Broadband plan, your Multi Product benefits will be removed from the date of cancellation. We'll send you a message to confirm when these have been removed.

Eligible EE Mobile plans

All our Mobile plans qualify you for Multi Product benefits except:

  • PAYG plans
  • Watch plans
  • Fixed wireless access & plans

New EE Broadband customers who buy an EE Mobile SIM plan can receive access to unlimited data mobile SIMs from just £10 a month. We will boost any of your existing EE SIM plans charged at more than £10 a month to unlimited data. If you cancel your EE broadband plan, all EE Mobile benefits will be removed.

Benefits not showing on your account?

Here are some reasons why your benefits may not be showing on your account.

If you have eligible EE Broadband and Mobile but aren’t able to use your benefits, you will need to ensure they’re linked to the same EE account ID and have followed the steps in the link we have sent to you.

If you have lost your Multi Product benefits this could be because:

  • You have changed your mobile or broadband to a plan that is not eligible
  • You have unlinked your products from your EE ID
  • You have moved onto a payment arrangement plan for your mobile
  • You have changed one of your accounts to a different name

Customers who are with EE for both Mobile and Broadband but are receiving a 5GB or 20GB Data Boost instead of unlimited may be on one of our older plans. To get unlimited data, you’ll need to have changed to EE's Essentials, All Rounder, or Full Works broadband products.

If you have Friends and family benefits these will be removed when you move to a discounted plan. You can still add as many eligible plans as required. If you have eligible Broadband and Mobile plans you will get Multi Product benefits.

About your Multi Product benefits

You will keep your Multi Product benefits as long as you're eligible, even if your contract comes to an end.

You will lose your Multi Product benefits if:

  • You cancel your EE Broadband plan
  • You change your EE Broadband plan to an ineligible Broadband plan 
  • You change your mobile plan to an ineligible Mobile plan
  • You change to a discounted SIM-only or Flex Pay plan - your unlimited data benefit will be removed as you no longer need it

For more details on eligibility for Multi Product benefits, please check our Terms & Conditions for:

SIM-only mobile plans

Pay monthly mobile plans

Please note: Enhanced trade-in isn't eligible on Flex Pay with Multi Product benefits, please use our recycling process instead.

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