Internet speeds explained

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To understand internet speed you need to consider bandwidth as well as speed.


    bandwidth is the size of the ‘pipe’ delivering the data


    speed is how fast the data is travelling

If a lot of data is sent at the same time, it may exceed the available bandwidth.

This will slow down the speed, no matter how quickly the data is travelling when it’s sent.

Providers don’t know how much bandwidth will be filled at a particular time, meaning that they estimate speeds within predicted ranges.

Those speeds are typically measured in megabits per second (Mb/s).

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Average speeds

Average speeds

The way we and other broadband providers talk about our broadband speeds has changed, making it clearer what kind of speeds you can expect from our plans.

This means we’ll now be talking about the headline average speeds, rather than the ‘up to’ speeds of our broadband plans.

What are average speeds?

These are the headline speeds available on our EE Home Broadband and 4GEE Home plans. They’re based on the speeds available to at least half of our customers during peak hours (8pm-10pm)

How does this affect me?

There’ll be no change to the speed or service you'll get from us. We’re just making sure  it’s clearer what speeds you can get with our different broadband plans. Once we know your postcode we can give you a more accurate view of the speeds you can expect. 

What are the average speeds for our broadband plans?

To help you understand the differences between our broadband plans, here are the average speeds for all of our plans.

Broadband plan Previous ‘up to’ speed New ‘Average’ speeds
  Download speeds Download speeds
Standard Broadband Up to 17 Mb/s 10 Mb/s
Fibre Broadband Up to 38 Mb/s 36 Mb/s
Fibre Plus Up to 76 Mb/s 67 Mb/s
Fibre Max 1
N/A 145 Mb/s
Fibre Max 2 N/A 300 Mb/s
4GEE Home Up to 90 Mb/s 31 Mb/s

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Last updated: 11/1/2019
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