Set up guide

We’ll email and text you when your broadband is ready. You can then set up your EE Smart Hub.

To get the fastest possible speed with your new Hub: unplug your old broadband kit, including the old power plug, filters and Ethernet cables.

Getting ready

Unplug your old broadband router. If your old router uses a filter to connect to your phone line, replace the filter with the new one that comes with your Hub. You can leave existing filters connected to other phone sockets in place if you have them.

Follow the instructions for the type of socket you've got:

Single socket with plug in broadband filter

  1. Connect the broadband filter to the telephone socket
  2. Connect the broadband cable (grey ends) to the broadband filter
  3. Connect a telephone cable to the other available socket

  4. Connect filters to all other telephone sockets in use

If you don't have enough filters for all the devices connected to your phone line in your home, leave them unplugged for now. You can buy more broadband filters from us - select VDSL filter.

Top tip: If you can, connect your router to the main phone socket for better broadband speeds.

Dual socket with inbuilt broadband filter

Option 1: Connect the broadband cable (grey ends) to the top socket.

Option 2: Connect the broadband cable (grey ends) to the left hand socket.

Using a data extension kit?

Connect the broadband cable (grey ends) to the socket.