Setting up your hub

1. Connect

  • if possible, place your Hub on a table or shelf and avoid thick materials (such as carpets), windows or electricalappliances like TVs, microwaves or baby monitors
  • plug the broadband cable with the grey ends into your Hub and the other end into your master phone socket
  • a master socket is the main socket for the phone line in your home – it’s not an extension socket
  • depending on your socket type, you might need to use a filter

 2. Plug in power

  • slide the two parts of the Hub’s power plug together until they click into place
  • connect the power cable to your Hub, plug it into the wall socket and switch on

 3. Turn your Hub on

  • press the power button on the back of the Hub
  • the light on the front will change colours while your Hub sets itself up – this takes a few minutes

4. You're online

  • your Hub is ready when the light turns steady aqua
  • if it isn’t steady aqua, see Troubleshooting

Set up your hub with EE Home app

If you need help setting up your EE broadband, or just want to make sure everything is working as it should, you can use our EE Home app for the EE Smart Hub.

Download the app on one of the following Apple or Android devices:

  • Apple iPhone 4s or above with iOS 8+
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 or above with Android 5.1+
Download the EE Virtual Support app from the Apple App Store Download the EE Virtual Support app from Google Play
Last updated: 22/6/2020
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