Connect and turn on your router

  1. Plug the other end of the grey broadband cable into the DSL port on your router

  2. Connect the two parts of the power supply together

  3. Plug the power cable into the router

  4. Connect the power supply into a plug socket and turn it on

  5. You can now switch on your router

Check it over

Everything should now look like this - the Power light will go green and the Broadband light will go green shortly afterwards.

Or if you have a dual socket it should look like this:

Broadband light flashing or off?

If the broadband light doesn't go solid green after a couple of minutes, check:

  • broadband is live - We'll send you a text message the morning the service is due to go live, and another text and email when it does. 
  • your service could go live at any time up until midnight - you can track your order online from your account
  • your phone line is working OK - try plugging a phone into the same filter as your broadband and listening for dial-tone - if not, see our guide to fixing Home Phone faults
Last updated: 11/2/2019
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