Your home broadband bill explained

Need help finding or understanding your broadband, home phone or EE TV bill? You’ve come to the right place.

Where can I see my bill?

To view your bill:

  • Open the EE app
  • Go to Manage - Bills & Payments

If you’re struggling to see your earlier bills on a mobile phone, try logging in from a desktop or laptop.

Please note: we won't bill you directly for On Demand content, each content provider will bill you directly.

What does my bill look like?

Here's an example of what a bill should look like. You can find all the info you need in the handbook you received when you joined EE Broadband.

Example broadband bill

When you receive your bill, it will be laid out as follows:

Bill summary

A summary of your account, including the balance from your previous bill, payment received and total charges for this month's bill.

Amount due

The amount outstanding on your account for this month.

Estimated payment date

How much we’ll take from your card or bank account and the estimated date we'll take your payment.

Your plan

Details of your plan and a breakdown of monthly charges for your broadband plan and any call add-ons you’ve opted for.

Extras and discounts

This shows any additional charges or credits on your account, for example:

  • any call add-ons
  • any promotional discounts
  • costs for any additional calls made outside your add-on
  • any late payment fees or credit card surcharges

How you used your add-on

Summary of phone calls you've made on your landline that are included in your add-on.

Additional usage and costs

Any additional chargeable calls.

Your savings

How much the calls included in your add-on have saved you on this bill.


Summary of your plan, including any extras, discounts or additional charges and an overall total for this month's bill.

Your itemised breakdown

Lists all the calls you've made for this bill and includes:

  • the time, day and date the call was made
  • the number you called
  • the place you called (or the network, if a mobile or non-geographic number)
  • calls within add-on
  • the duration and cost of the call

What other charges might I find on my bill?

Extra charges

Sometimes you might incur additional charges, for things like:

  • new line engineer visit: had a BT-compatible phone line fitted
  • set-up fee: for fibre broadband or standard broadband
  • missed appointment charge: if you cancelled a booked visit from an engineer without giving 48 hours notice
  • late payment charge: if you don’t pay your bill on time or your Direct Debit fails
  • non-return of EE TV box: if you’ve cancelled EE TV but haven’t returned the TV set-top box

Please note: we no longer make a charge for payments made by debit or credit card.

Call charges

If you have a call add-on with inclusive minutes in your plan, we won’t charge you for the first 60 minutes of each call.  After 60 minutes, you’ll be charged at your standard rate.

Your bill will show the free 60 minutes on one line and any extra charges over 60 minutes on a separate line.

If you haven’t got a call add-on, you’ll always be charged at our standard rates.

When will I receive my bill?

You’ll get your first bill within four days of your broadband going live and any future bills on the same day each month.

We’ll email or text you each month telling you when your bill is ready. To find out your bill date, log in to EE.

Your contract starts the date we turn your broadband on, so:

  • we'll bill you a month in advance for your package (your broadband subscription, any call add-on features and your EE TV service)
  • you'll notice the charge comes from Orange. Don't panic – this is correct (it's part of the EE organisation) and you won't be getting a second charge from EE
  • if you make any calls on your home phone, outside any call add-ons you have, we’ll add the charges to your next bill

What happens if I want to change my billing date or plan?

Changing your billing date 

To change your billing date, you'll need to give us a call. Once you’ve changed your billing date, you’ll get two bills from us:

The first will cover the charge between your old and new bill dates. This cost will be added to your second bill.

The second bill covers the cost of your new billing period and shows the charge from the first bill as a previous balance.

  1. the first will cover the charge between your old and new bill dates. This cost will be added to your second bill
  2. the second bill covers the cost of your new billing period and shows the charge from the first bill as a previous balance

Changing your plan

If you’ve changed your plan, you may notice some differences to your bill. The change to the plan won’t always take effect on your bill date. If this happens, you’ll see:

  • a refund for your old plan – you pay for your plan a month in advance so we need to refund the amount after the switch has happened
  • the cost of your new plan from the date the change took place until the end of the month
  • the next month's charges for your new plan

Next month’s bill should be back to normal.

If you've downgraded your plan to remove EE TV, it’s important that you return your EE TV set-top box. Otherwise, we’ll have to charge you for it and you might see this charge on your next, or subsequent, bill.

If you've upgraded your plan to include EE TV, we'll adjust your bill to your new package price on the day it changes. So, we'll:

  • charge your new package price from the day your new package takes effect
  • apply a refund for your old package price from the date your package changed until the end of your billing month
  • adjust your next bill to reflect your new package price (after you upgrade you may end up paying slightly more or slightly less)

If you have any call add-ons with your package, you'll also see a new charge each month under Extras and discounts, along with any charges made for setting up and connecting your service.

When will I receive my final Home Broadband bill?

If you’re still in contract, there’ll be an early cancellation charge on your final bill. Your EE account will close the day you request to leave or as soon as your new account goes live if you’re switching supplier on the same line.

Please note that if you cancel within 5 days of when you usually receive your bill, you may still receive your monthly bill plus another final bill separately.

If you’re out of contract, your EE account closes 14 days after you request to leave or as soon as your new account goes live if you’re switching supplier on the same line.

On your final bill, we'll:

  • bill you up until the day your account closes
  • refund your plan for the remainder of the month from the day your account closes (this is because you pay your bill in advance)
  • add any call charges, if you’ve made calls outside your add-ons
  • keep your Direct Debit or payment details live so that we can process your final refund or payment

You can still check your old bills online for six months after you leave us.

If you receive more than two bills after the service from your new supplier goes live, get in touch.

To check your bills:

  • Open the EE app
  • Go to Manage - Bills & Payments

How do I claim back VAT?

You can use your online bill to claim VAT back as long as the bill amount is £250 or less.

Make sure you print off your online bill each month and keep a copy for your VAT return.

If the bill amount is more than £250, get in touch.

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