Add Amazon Prime Video as a Smart Benefit

Whether you're a film fanatic or a box-set binger, you can choose Amazon Prime Video as a Smart Benefit on our 4G and 5G Smart plans. 

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Once you’re subscribed to Prime Video, you could enjoy the ultimate big screen experience by watching it on your TV.

Help with Amazon Prime Video

Star Trek - Picard

Get ready for Sir Patrick Stewart's return as iconic starship captain Jean-Luc Picard, in a brand new Star Trek spin-off. And he’s already signed up for season two.

Watch Star Trek: Picard on Amazon Prime Video now.


James May - Our Man in Japan

Top Gear and The Grand Tour’s James May goes solo in a travelogue exploring the many qualities and quirks of Japan – by land, sea, air and go-kart.

Watch James May: Our Man in Japan now on Amazon Prime Video.


Cast of Seamen wearing life jackets


In the first of a series of feature length Specials, Clarkson, Hammond and May take a one time only break from cars and set out on an epic journey across Cambodia and boats.

This adventure packed voyage sees the hapless trio experience thrills, spills and genuine danger.

Cast of Hunters


Starring Al Pacino and executive-produced by Jordan Peele, director of Get Out and Us, Hunters follows a vigilante squad tracking down escaped Nazis in 1970’s America, discovering a disturbing conspiracy along the way.

Watch Hunters on Amazon Prime Video now.

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