How to read and send texts on your 4GEE WiFi device or tablet

Where to find your text messages on your 4GEE Wifi Tablet or device

iPads with a 4GEE SIM

You can send iMessages and read text messages sent to your iPad in the Messages app. This only works on iPads using iOS 8 or later, so make sure you are using the latest software.

Android tablets with a 4GEE SIM

You can send and receive text messages through the Messages app on your Android tablet.

4GEE WiFi devices

Use Connection Manager to read and send text messages when you’re connected to your 4GEE WiFi device. Go straight to Connection Manager or type into your browser's address bar and follow the instructions.

Billing for text messages on 4GEE WiFi contracts

Remember text messages are billed individually on 4GEE WiFi contracts as there’s no text message allowance on these tariffs.

For pricing, visit 4GEE WiFi price plans >