How to top up in My EE

The easiest way to add credit to your EE pay as you go account is with our secure online service My EE.

Just log in to My EE to see how much credit you have left, then click top up.

If you’re using a registered credit or debit card

Just choose the amount you want to top up and the card you want to use, click pay and that’s it.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro UK credit and debit cards.

Payments are managed by Vesta, EE’s trusted payment partner, so the name Vesta will appear on your bank or credit card statement as Vesta *EE Top Up along with a 0808 free of charge helpline telephone number.

If you’re using a new credit or debit card

Choose the amount you want to top up, enter your new card details, your address details and confirm.

Topping up someone else’s account

You can add credit to someone else’s phone or 4GEE WiFi account here.

You'll need the mobile number of the account you want to top up, and a UK credit or debit card.

Other ways to top up

To find out more about the other ways to top up:

For phones go to Ways to top up.

For 4GEE WiFi go to Topping up mobile broadband.